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Yoga Mitra Mandal

Yoga Mitra Mandal Banswara is Holistic yoga integrating postures, breathwork, and meditation. Volunteering for a healthier Banswara.

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Yoga Mitra Mandal Banswara is teaches a holistic integration of physical postures, breathing practices, and progressive meditation techniques. Our all-volunteer community organization is based in Banswara.


Noble Truths


Vocabulary YOGA


An unbroken stream of spiritual masters through which the sacred teachings of the dharma flow, allow our present-day teachings to be traced back to their original source.

The significance of lineage is that it allows the teachings to pass along in time in a way that is pure, untainted, and ensures the integrity of the transmission.


Compassion is one of the four brahma viharas (sublime abodes).

When the wish for all beings to be free of suffering expands into to the wish to attain awakening so that one may liberate being from the suffering of samsara, it is called great compassion, nyingje chenpo or mahākarunā.


Mahamudra is a practice of relaxing directly into our present experience and recognizing its true nature. The essential nature of mahamudra is like all-encompassing space. Everything in our human experience is an expression of the emptiness of the vast, open nature of mind. Because all experience is coemergent appearance and emptiness, it has the potential to be a gateway to recognizing the nature of mind. The totality of our experience is the Great Symbol for the nature of reality.


Sangha literally means that which is struck together well. In common usage, it generally refers to a community. It has been adopted by multiple religions. In Buddhism, it is generally used to indicate a group of Buddhist practitioners. Sangha is also used to refer to specific categories of Buddhist practitioners: Enlightened beings, ordained practitioners, lay practitioners, or a combination of ordained and lay practitioners.

Evening Meditation - Way to go

Give yourself the gift of the present moment, connection with community, and the support of ageless love and wisdom.

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Join Our Weekly Online Meditations

Find sanctuary throughout the week and join us for our open online community meditations and lujong. Give yourself the gift of the present moment, connection with community, and the support of ageless love and wisdom.

6pm – 7:15pm PDT
In Monastery

10pm – 02pm PDT
In Temple

Yoga Mitra Mandal Sansthan, pioneers in Banswara, boasts 200+ volunteers and 50+ members dedicated to promoting daily yoga practice for physical and mental well-being. Join us in nurturing healthier bodies and minds through holistic yoga practices.

YOGA, AN 11:1

Yoga Mitra Mandal Sansthan


Yoga Mitra Mandal With the aim of keeping people healthy and fit in the entire state, Yoga Mitra Mandal Sansthan Banswara has recruited volunteers to learn yoga practice daily, promote yoga and give information about the benefits of yoga in the villages of all the districts in the state. Appointments are being made in every village, Yoga Mitra Mandal Sansthan is encouraging various activities like tourism, cultural etc. to provide opportunities for social, economic, religious, cultural, spiritual and physical development of the citizens. To encourage the institute to provide pre-primary, secondary, higher secondary and higher education etc. to boys and girls, adolescent boys and girls. To make young men and women self-reliant by providing physical training

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Yoga MMB
Vision To take care of people's health as well as to motivate them to practice yoga daily, to strengthen their body and mind physically and mentally...
Yoga MMB
Yoga Mitra Mandal Sansthan Banswara will appoint volunteers at every village level to practice yoga to keep people physically and mentally healthy and strong across the state...
Yoga MMB
which is a non-government institute, was started in January, 2024. The registration of Yoga Mitra Mandal Sansthan is registered under Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958 (Rajasthan Act No. 28, 1958)...